SRI Developments

SRI Developments (ShriRam Industries) is engaged in a manufacturing of all types of material testing machines such as Universal Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Tensile Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Compression Testing Machine. started our journey as a manufacturer of material testing machines, now we are working with some reputed & prestigious organisations in India comprising of Research Institutes, Metallurgical Labs, Engineering Colleges & Steel industries. .. Read more

Welcome to SRI Developments, the world's Best Material Testing Machines provider!

Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine

SRI's Universal Testing Machines are closely controlled for sensitivity, accuracy and calibration. We offer both Mechanical and Electronic Universal Testing Machine.
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Impact Testing Machine

impact testing machine

SRI offers a comprehensive range of impact testing machines. Our machine offers impact testing on both raw material specimen and finished components.
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Hardness Testing Machines

Harndess Testing Machine

We Offer competitive range of Hardness Testing Machines.
Rockwell Machine, Vickers Machine, Brinell Machine.
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Compression Testing

compression testing machine

We offer Compression Testing Machine in a variety of specifications that range from 10 tones to 200 tones in different models...
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